Privacy Policy

Gestión de Servicios SRL, corporation organized under the laws of the Dominican Republic, holder of commercial register 3638LA and Tax ID no. RNC 1-01-54030-3, with registered offices in the Avenida EE.UU S/N, Manati Park. Bávaro, operator of DOLPHIN ISLAND PARK, henceforth known as DIP, hereby sets forth its Privacy Policy, henceforth known as the Policy, which summarizes the personally identifiable information obtained from our customers and the way in which it is used.


This Privacy Policy is intended to outline the way in which we obtain, handle and protect the personal data collected by means of our Website, in order that users may freely and voluntarily determine whether or not they wish to provide their personal data by means of the forms provided for such purpose.


DIP complies with the legislation on privacy and data protection in force in the Dominican Republic, that is to say Law No. 172-13, established with the purpose of providing comprehensive protection for the personal data contained in files, public registers, databases and other technical means of handling information for the provision of reports, whether of a public or private nature. Such a commitment reflects the value we place on obtaining and maintaining the trust of our customers, business partners and other parties that share their personal data with us.


This Policy applies to all Internet Websites administered by DIP or in it’s name, including DIP’S business units throughout the world (with each one known as a “DIP Website”).

Although this Policy applies to all DIP, Websites each of these websites has a distinct purpose and distinct characteristic. If additional or different disclosures are required for any one of these DIP Websites, we will publish such disclosures on the website in question or provide a different Website Privacy Declaration on said website.Each DIP Website disclosure or declaration is supplementary and in amendment to this Policy.


By using this DIP, Website you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. By sending information via this Website, you consent to the collection, use and divulging of such data as set forth in this Policy and in the Privacy Declarations in force of the Website or in the country of the Service Provider.


In compliance with the requirements of the laws in force when collecting personal data by means of any of its Websites, DIP:

  • Provide you with timely and adequate notice of DIP personal data practices;
  • Collect, utilize, divulge and transfer your personal data only with your consent, whether explicit or implicit, according to the sensitivity of this personal data, the legal requirements and other factors;
  • Collect personal data only for specific and restricted purposes. The information we collect will be relevant, appropriate and not disproportionate to the purposes for which it was collected;
  • Process your personal data in a way which is consistent with the purposes for which the data was originally collected or for which you subsequently provided your consent;
    v. Implement commercially reasonable measures in order to ensure that the personal data obtained may be reliably used for the proposed purpose, and that it is accurate and complete, as well as updated whenever necessary;
  • Not use personal data for direct marketing purposes without providing you with an opt-out clause; and
  • Take appropriate measures to suitably protect any personal data revealed to third parties or transferred to another country, including by means of DIP. internal transfers.


6.1 Data provided by you voluntarily

DIP collects the data you provide knowingly and voluntarily, in order to benefit from a DIP. DIP may collect your information in such a way so that you may receive email alerts upon completing a survey, or when requesting product information, asking a question or sending us an email with your comments. In many cases, this information may include personal data collection. DIP will only use this information for the purposes for which you provided it. If you provided your email address on registering for email alerts, for example, we will use your email address to send you the solicited email alerts. Similarly, we may use data collected DIP Websites for various business purposes, such as customer services, fraud prevention, improvements to our products and services or to offer you and your company information and offers that we believe may be of interest to you.

6.2 Automatically collected information

DIP stores the data sent automatically to us by your web browser. This data generally includes the IP address for your Internet service provider, the name of your operating system and the name and version of your browser. The data that we receive depends on your web browser settings.
This data is only used to identify the improvements that should be made to our Website with the sole purpose of rendering it more compatible with the technology used by visitors accessing our site. With that said, we do however suggest that you check your browser to set your browser preferences so that it only sends the data you are willing to share, according to its default settings.

6.3 Cookies and similar technology

The term “cookies” refers to a small data file stored on your computer when you access a website. Cookies and similar technology can improve your user experience by saving your preferences, personalizing your online experience, saving items in your shopping cart and sometimes even providing advertisements adapted to your interests.
All DIP Websites use “session cookies”. A session cookie does not identify you as an individual and expires when you close your browser. When you access the DIP product catalogue, for example, a session cookie is stored on your computer in order to save a record of the pages you visited. We can then use this information to offer you recommendations on other products that may be of interest to you. Some DIP Websites also use “persistent cookies”. These cookies do not expire when you close your browser, and instead remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire. On assigning an exclusive ID number to your computer, we can create a database of your preferences and previous selections that can appear automatically, saving you time and effort on future visits. After completing a purchase, for example, you may find that your delivery address has been saved and only requires confirmation the next time you go to buy something.

6.4 Use of the browser’s “Disable” setting

DIP Websites are compatible with your browser’s “disable third-party cookies” setting. This registers a single, straightforward and lasting decision not to be tracked by third parties online. If your browser has been set to “disable third-party cookies”, advertising cookies will not be set to feature in the properties of the DIP. Website.
Certain countries, including member states of the European Union, require that you consent to our use of cookies when visiting DIP. Websites. If you access DIP website from one of these countries, you will be provided with information on your options, including the option to enable or disable certain categories of cookie. You can change these settings on subsequent visits. Take into account that you cannot disable certain cookies that are strictly necessary for providing the service you have requested.

6.5 Computer cookie settings

Whenever you access DIP, Website clicking on the “Cookie preferences” link at the bottom of each page will allow you to access information on cookies and change your settings.
Although you are not obliged to enable the use of cookies when you access DIP, Website you may not be able to use all of the site’s features upon disabling the use of particular cookies.Your browser may also allow you to adjust your settings to enable or disable cookies, or to send you alerts when a cookie is stored on your computer.


DIP undertakes not to divulge personal data collected on its Websites to mailing list services without your explicit consent. DIPWebsites allow you to decide on the divulging and/or transfer of your personal data. In most cases, we will ask you to indicate your decision on the matter as you use the site, as well as on the page providing your personal data.
DIP will not divulge personal data on our Website users, except in the following cases:

  • Unless specifically stated otherwise, when we can use the data collected on DIP Website to improve the contents of our Website, to personalize the site according to your preferences, to provide you with data if requested, for business and research purposes, and for any other purpose specified on a website.
  • DIP may divulge your personal data to other DIP. On doing so, these other DIP. On doing so, these other DIP business units will handle this data in such a way that is consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or that for which you subsequently provide consent).
  • DIP tmay also share your personal data with third parties we have contracted for the provision of support services. Said third parties are obliged to use the personal data that we have shared only for the provision of services in our name and to handle your personal data in a strictly confidential manner, according to the data protection and privacy laws in force.
  • In some cases, DIP may share your personal data with third parties associated with us, such as distributors, in order to provide products and services to our customers. With that said, we require our business partners to use such data in a way which is consistent with the purposes for which it was originally collected (or for which you subsequently provided your consent), and only in so far as it is permitted by this Policy, the Privacy Declarations in force on the Website or in the country of the Service Provider, and all of the existing data protection and privacy laws.
  • If formally required to comply with a legal requirement based on an order made by a competent administrative or judicial authority.


Your personal data will be stored in DIP’sdatabases or in databases belonging to our service providers.
DIP uses reasonable preventive measures to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. We use secure technology to transfer personal data online.


Although we employ security measures to help protect personal data against unauthorized divulgation, undue use or modification, please take into account that online data transmission is never completely secure or error free. DIP does not guarantee the use of the portal and the services for the undertaking of any activity in particular, or its infallibility, nor in particular, although not exclusively, that users will be able to effectively use the portal and the services, accessing the different web pages forming the portal or those via which the services are provided.
DIP does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the portal’s operation and that of the services. Whenever possible, and within reason, DIP will notify users beforehand of any interruptions in the working of the portal and services.

To the extent permitted by law DIP accepts no liability for any damages or losses of any nature that may be incurred due to the portal and services’ lack of availability or continuity in the functioning, any lack of usefulness that users may attribute to failures in the portal and the services, service or portal failures, or in particular, although by no means exclusively, any failures to access the portal’s various web pages or those via which the services are provided.


DIP Websites may contain links to websites that are not administered by DIP.. Such links are provided as a service and do not constitute our approval of the activities or contents of these sites, nor any affiliation with the operators. We recommend that you consult the privacy policy published on each website you visit before using the site or providing personal data.


The user undertakes to use the Portal and the Services in compliance with the law, this Legal Notice, the Specific Conditions for certain Services and other notices, regulations on use and instructions brought to their notice, as well as according to the principles of good practice and public order.
Users must abstain from obtaining, or even attempting to obtain, the Website Contents, by means or procedures other than those, as the case may be, made available to him or her for this purpose or those indicated for this purpose on the web pages in which the Contents are found, or, generally speaking, those normally used on the Internet for this purpose, as long as they do not pose a risk of damage or of being rendered useless to the Portal, the Services and/or the Contents.
Users or third parties inconvenienced by unsolicited mass messages may contact DIP by emailing the following address:


In order to use Services requiring Personal Data Collection by DIP, children under thirteen years old (henceforth known as “Minors”) must obtain prior permission from their parents, tutors or legal guardians, who will be responsible for all acts undertaken by such minors.


All brands, business names or distinctive features of any type that appear on the Portal are property of DIP or third parties, without this implying that use of or access to the Portal and/or the Services attributes the User any rights over the brands mentioned, business names and/or distinctive features.
The Contents are therefore the intellectual property of DIP or of third parties, without that which is set forth in this Legal Notice constituting a transfer to Users of any of existing rights to exploitation or which may exist over said Contents, apart from that which is strictly necessary for the correct use of the Portal and the Services.


The time period during which we will retain your personal data will vary and depend on the purpose and use of the data collected. Several legal requirements mean we must retain several types of data for specific periods. Otherwise, we will retain the data for the time necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected.


Please address any queries on this Policy, the Privacy Declaration or on our use of your personal data, as well as any problems or complaints to,


DIP reserves the right to update or modify this Website Policy and our Website Privacy Declarations at any time and without prior notice. The modifications will only apply to personal data compiled after this publication. This Privacy Policy was last revised on February 01, 2016.